Three Tier Packages of Xfinity Home Security Explained

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Well, in today’s era, smart home security is highly essential due to several reasons. First of all, a smart home security system is not at all easy to disarm and disable. Also, even if someone manages to break in, the smart security system ensures that the person doesn’t get far enough. Besides protecting your property in all ways, a Smart security system provides you peace of mind by being on your fingertips.

When it comes to one of the best and most convenient smart security systems, we believe that Xfinity Home Security stands out best. Xfinity Home comes with multiple smart home packages for you to choose from depending on your requirement. Besides, if you don’t find the packages according to your liking, Xfinity allows you to add on devices.

Well, if you want to learn more about Xfinity’s three Home Security packages, read on.

Base Home System

The Base Home System from Xfinity is the most basic beginner package for people who are beginners and live in smaller home. The system supports a home of 1-2 entrances. It comes with a free Xfinity Home app. The devices included are, 1 touch screen controller, 1 pet motion sensor, 3 door/window sensors, Xfinity Home security yard sign.

There are few things that you get with the basic package along with the ability to monitor your home 24/7, voice technology, as well as battery and cellular back so that even if there is an electricity outage, your devices will not stop functioning.

Complete Home System

A complete Home System package comes with Xfinity home security for homes that are comparatively bigger and have multiple doors and entrances. The package has the free Xfinity Home App, and the devices include 1 touch screen controller, 1 pet motion sensor, 5 door/window sensors, Xfinity Home security yard sign, 1 wireless keypad, 1 HD indoor/outdoor camera.

As we discussed, the system comes with battery and cellular backup. Besides, the cameras, and video doorbell have full screen HD vision as well as night vision, to provide you with great picture quality. You get 24/7 footage of your home and the entrance, and you can also check the cloud later for the footage. Another thing that Xfinity does it, the cloud classifies and makes categories of footages to make it easy for you. This way you can simply play the footage that you want to look at, for instance a footage about your pet, or a vehicle.

Ultimate Home System

Well, large homes require more of efficient home security system and for that, Xfinity has just the perfect package, called the Ultimate Home System. Besides, if you want extra security for the children and on the web to enhance your overall experience, you can pair this package with the xFi gateway device. The xFi gateway is an advanced router and modem that connects your entire network, keeps it secure, provides high coverage even in the dead zones of your house, and provides advanced security. This not only enhances your smart home, but saves your devices from being hacked and disabled.

This package also comes with free Xfinity home app, 1 touch screen controller, 1 pet motion sensor, 10 door/window sensors, 1 wireless keypad, and 2 HD indoor/outdoor cameras. You also get battery and cellular backup similar to other packages. Well, these packages are perfect if you haven’t gotten smart home security yet.

Smart Add-ons and Third Party Compatible Devices

Well, while these packages are perfect for a beginner smart home security, if you require, Xfinity allows you to add on extra devices to your existing package. You can add on more indoor/outdoor HD cameras. They are weather resistant, have HD vision, and also come with night vision feature. You can add on the smart video doorbell, which is also HD, comes with night vision, live footage, as well as two way audio for you to effectively interact with the person at the door.

Other devices you can add on are a smoke detector, door/window sensor, motion sensor, wireless keypad, Zen thermostat, and an outlet controller.

Third Party Compatible Devices Powered By the xFi

Well, another reason we love the xFi gateway is that it syncs all you smart devices together even if they are non Xfinity devices. It works as a smart home hub and allows you to pair your other devices too. Xfinity supports several third party gadgets and devices for you to add in to your smart eco system. You simply need to have them powered with the xFi gateway.

While there are many things you can add, the third party names for smart lighting include, Caseta Wireless by Lutron, Philips Hue, Sengled, General Electric & LIFX. For smart door locks, you can add on devices from August, Kwikset, and Yale. Moreover, for smart thermostats Cor® & Ecobee are compatible names. Finally, for other smart devices such as thermostats and cameras, Honeywell is a compatible name. So, Xfinity not only supports its own smart home devices, but it allows you to add other brands to your ecosystem as well.

Final Words

Well, we hope that this information was useful for you. Smart home security these days has become necessary due to the burglaries and casualties happening now and then. A smart system allows you to remotely monitor your home, detect any kinds of dangers and take timely action. This provides you peace of mind in terms of mind in terms of your home security and security of your children. So, if you don’t have a smart security system yet, check out these Xfinity packages and get your home security system installed now.